Washington Statues, Monuments, Memorials


Battle Monument, Baltimore
    Completed in 1829, the memorial to those who died in the Battle of Northpoint during the War of 1812 was the first major architectural memorial to George Washington. The 160 ft. high column is topped by our first president dressed in a Roman toga and relinquishing his commission as Commander-in-Chief. The square marble base is inscribed with his Revolutionary War victories.

Baker 324, silver, 31mm

Baker 324A, copper - reeded edge, 31mm

Baker 324AA, copper - plain edge, 31mm

Baker 324B, bronze, 31mm

Baker 324D, white metal - plain edge, 31.2mm

Original reverse die for Baker 324
(image courtesy of David Schenkmann)

Battle Monument, Baltimore / Pro Patria mule

Silver, plain edge, 31.2mm

Copper - plain edge, 31.3mm,

White metal, 31mm

The finely detailed engraving of the Battle Monument is a tribute
the skill of Robert Jr..