Merchant Tokens - William Idler


Large Size Token - Washington Obverse

Pa 210, GW-28,  silver, 33mm

Pa 211, GW-28, copper, 34.1mm

Pa 212, GW-28, brass, 33mm
(on line image)

Pa 212A, GW-28, white metal, 34mm

Large Size Token - Eagle Obverse

Pa 213, silver, 33mm

Pa 214, copper, 34mm

Pa 215, brass, 33mm
(online image)

Pa 215A, white metal, 33mm

Pa 215B, silvered white metal, 33mm
 (image courtesy of Heritage)

The above two tokens use the obverse and reverse of William Idler's copy of the
Getz Half Dollar. The original Getz Half Dollar is considered a pattern piece 
engraved and struck by Peter Getz of Lancaster PA to help support the call for 
the establishment of a national mint. Neil Musante has an excellent 
article on this in his "Medallic Washington". William Idler had Robert Jr. make 
copy dies with the work "COPY" in 1860.

Idler Copy of the Getz Half Dollar

GW-27, Baker 25K, silver, 34mm
GW-27, Baker 25M, copper, 34mm

GW-27, Baker 25N, brass, 34mm
GW-27, Baker 25L, white metal, 34.1mm 

William Idler Merchant Token - Confederate Cent Reverse

Fuld PA 750-Lb-1d, copper nickel, 19mm

Fuld PA-750-Lb-2e, white metal - silver plated, 19mm
(image courtesy of Mark Cramer)

William Idler Merchant Token - Copy of Baltimore Penny

Pa 216, silver, 20mm
(on line image)
Pa 216, silver, 20mm, legend on obverse removed
(image courtesy of Chuck Mac Monegle)

Pa 217, copper, reeded edge, 20mm

Pa 217, copper, 20.6mm, legend on obverse removed
Under magnification it is apparent the legend around the bust on the obverse was removed; it must have been some time ago as the toning is very even. Pieces like this are found from time to time and were probably done to fool collectors into thinking it was an original Baltimore Denarium.

Pa218, copper-nickel, 20mm

Pa 219, brass, 20.5mm

Pa 220, bronze, 20mm

Pa 221, silvered white metal, 20mm

Pa 222, nickel, 20.5mm

 Pa 222A, copper, plain edge, 20.7mm

Unlisted type of Pa216 - 222, silvered copper, 20mm
(image courtesy of Stack's Bowers)
    I have records of two sales of this variety; one from Joe Levine's Auction 77, June 2007 and this example from the August 2009 Coin Galleries Auction. 

William Idler Merchant Token - Obverse of Baltimore Penny, "Continental Paper Money" Reverse

Pa 223, copper, plain edge, 20mm

Pa 224, copper, reeded edge, 20mm

Pa 225, copper nickel, reeded edge, 20.65mm

Pa 226, copper nickel, plain edge, 20mm

Pa 227, brass, plain edge, 20mm

Pa 228, brass, reeded edge, 20.6mm

Pa 228A, white metal, 20mm

      Rulau list PA 228B as a gold example and states only two were struck. I have not seen an example of this variety

William Idler Merchant Token - Obverse of Baltimore Penny, "Dealer in Coins Minerals Shells" Reverse

Pa 228F, copper - reeded edge, 20.7mm
Pa 228G, copper nickel - plain edge, 20.5mm

Pa 228H, brass - reeded edge, 20.6mm

Pa 228I, copper nickel - reeded edge, 20mm
(image courtesy of Steve Hayden)

William Idler Merchant Token - Washington Bust Obverse

Pa 229, GW-266,  brass, 20.6mm

Pa 229A, GW-266,  silver, 20.6mm

Pa 230, GW-266, white metal, 20.7mm

Pa 230A, copper, 20.6mm

Pa 230B, nickel, 20.6mm

Unlisted in Rulau and Musante, unknown composition, 20.6mm
This piece was described as nickel but is not magnetic. The color is
that of copper nickle but I have not had it tested yet. A similar piece
appeared on eBay in an NGC holder and called German silver.

William Idler Merchant Token - Muled Reverses

Pa 230D, copper, plain edge, 20mm

Pa 230E, copper, reeded edge, 20mm
(image courtesy of Steve Hayden

Pa 230F, brass - reeded edge, 20mm

Pa 230G, silver, 20mm

Pa 230H, silvered white metal - plain edge, 20.8mm

Pa 230I, white metal - reeded edge, 20mm
(image courtesy of Steve Hayden)